10 Healthy Foods & How to Incorporate Them Into Your Pre-Wedding Plan



We know that ever since that ring landed on your finger, the chances that you’ve been making some changes both at the gym and in the kitchen are very high. (Especially if you’ve already gotten your dress, and very specific images of low-cut backs and fitted bodices are dancing through your head.)

That’s why we’re always happy to share health, fitness and nutrition inspiration with you when an extra good piece of it crosses our desks, and the cool ladies at Be Well Philly were just talking about this particular topic this week: With some healthy foods, unless you’re preparing them and eat them with certain methods and in certain ways, you won’t actually get all the health benefits you can from them.

They pointed us towards this interested article over at Time that broke down ten commonly consumed healthy foods—as well as the best way to ingest them. Some didn’t shock us—we’ve heard before that cooked tomatoes (so, like, sauce) are even more magical than raw tomatoes—but some, on the other hand, definitely did: Did you know that that watery junk floating on top of your yogurt after you peel off the top is all the so-good-for-you-whey? I pour that in my sink or into my office trash can every time. I guess now I’ll go with the suggested stir instead of toss.

Take a look here, and keep your new knowledge in mind as you take these ingredients out of the fridge and onto your cutting board.

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