Join Us In Squealing at This 103-Year-Old Groom and His 91-Year-Old Bride (Video)

If you thought your guy waited too long to propose, please behold George Kirby, who waited nearly 30 years to ask his lady friend to be his wife. And not only that! Mr. Kirby here is 102—they’re going to tie the knot on his 103rd birthday—and his lovely fiance, Doreen Luckie, is 91.

Oh, and they’re British, which somehow makes this all even more charming {old-man emoji; old-lady emoji; British-flag emoji; double-heart emoji; engagement-ring emoji}:

The pair have been shacked up since 1988, so George figured, and rightly so, that it was about time. (I mean, can you even imagine what Doreen’s girlfriends have been saying to her?)

The couple will hold the Guinness Book record for oldest married couple as soon as their wedding day arrives—which we know because George posted it on Facebook, just to make this even more entertaining. To coo at more pics of them, look here.

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