Listen Here: This Playlist Is Perfect for Your Bridal Bootcamp Workouts—and for Your Wedding Reception 



So Jon Ardito over at Philly’s JAE Entertainment sent us this Bridal Bootcamp playlist, which he put together using songs from the company’s bands’ and DJs’ playlists that get people dancing at wedding receptions—and that also make for great pump-you-up workout songs.

We thought it was pretty great as far as champagne-soaked dancing goes (you know, our area of expertise), but just to be sure it met with approval for working up a sweat, we checked in with our buds over at Be Well Philly, since they are kind of the experts around here in workout playlists.

The verdict, as declared by BW assistant editor Adjua Fisher: “I think this is really good. I’ve used pretty much all of these songs in a playlist, like, at least once. And this is working double duty for brides: Finding songs to add to their wedding-day playlist, and for getting their wedding-day body on.”

So there you have it! And here, you have this:

For more tips, inspiration and advice on bridal health, fitness and nutrition, go here.

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