Here’s a Colorful Guide to Marriage Laws in All 50 States

Screenshot from Wedding Wire's Marriage Laws by State.

Screenshot from Wedding Wire’s Marriage Laws by State. Click to check it out.

Marriage comes in two parts: the wedding itself—and then all of the legal stuff that makes your newlywed status actually legit.

The latter begins with your marriage license, and since the requirements for getting one vary from state to state, it’s important to do your research beforehand to make sure you have everything covered—the last thing you want is to show up at Room 413 at City Hall unprepared.

Well, today we came across Wedding Wire’s handy, colorful, guide to the marriage laws in all 50 states that you’d do well to take a glance at—and maybe keep on reference as you plan your day. Because whether you’re getting hitched locally or you plan on traveling outside of the state (Jersey Shore, perhaps?), these are some nitty gritty details you most definitely do not want to lose track of.

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