Surveys We Can Get Behind: Grilled Cheese Lovers Have More Sex



Excellent news for your marriage if both you and your to-be are grilled cheese eaters, kids: According to a new set of numbers, you should have a stellar sex life!

Dating site Skout has conducted a survey of some-4,600 people, and the results of that survey reveal that (not surprisingly), grilled-cheese lovers are awesome:

  • 32 percent have sex six times a month, compared to 27 percent of anti-grilled-cheesers
  • 81 percent donate their time and money to those in need, as opposed to 66 percent of weirdos who don’t eat grilled cheese
  • 84 percent love to travel, but only 78 percent of non-grilled-cheese consumers feel the same

Call us crazy, but we would prefer a marriage with lots of sex, good-doing and traveling. You?

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