Woman Legally Serves Husband Divorce Papers on Facebook, Paves the Way for Future Exes Everywhere



The husband of a Brooklyn woman peaced out on her years ago, and she doesn’t know where he is. Literally—she has no address for him, and because he doesn’t have a job or drivers license, no one else knows where he is, either.

They keep in touch sporadically on Facebook, however, and a Manhattan Supreme Court justice has just granted her the legal option of serving divorce papers on the social media outlet.

The summons will be sent by her lawyer via a private message through her Facebook account for once a week for three weeks or until he acknowledges that she is officially dumping him. And while it’s a little too early to see if this sets a precedent for divorce proceedings to come, one can only imagine that for some estranged couples, seeing that little red-number notification on their messages icon when they sign into Facebook might one day bring with it a little more dread.

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