These Identical Triplet Sisters Took the Idea of a Joint Wedding to a Whole New Level

So, not only did 29-year-old Brazilian triplets Tagiane, Rocheli and Rafaela Bini get married in a joint wedding ceremony last month, but all three of them wore the exact same dress, hairstyle and makeup on the Big Day. Take a look at this:

As you can see, the only element to differentiate the brides—who tied the knot in front of 600 guests at a cathedral in Brazil—was the color of their bouquets. Their grooms, however, are said to have had no problem telling them apart (Tagiane’s hubby claims he knew which bride was his because “she was the most beautiful one”).

As suspected, most of their wedding photos look just like this, with all three couples doing the same pose.

Oh, and Rafaela’s new husband is named Rafael.

Would you ever consider sharing your Big Day with a sibling?

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