Tell Us, Readers: What Was the Most Awkward Moment of Your Wedding?



A good friend of mine found herself chatting with a guy she’s known since grade school during her wedding reception. It was all well and good and lovely until he casually made a comment about how, when she appeared at the top of the aisle with her father in the church she had grown up in not a few hours before, he found himself wishing that he was her husband-to-be waiting at the end of said aisle.


We do a lot of Ask the Expert questions over here, because you guys, as wedding-planning couples, are dealing with a lot of situations as you put this thing together that can get rather sticky, and we are happy to call up our expert friends in the biz and ask them the best way to handle the tricky stuff that inevitably pops up along the Big Day-planning way.

But sometimes, there isn’t time to ask anyone what to do—sometimes, you find yourself right in the middle of a weird moment, and you’ve just got to think on your feet and plow on through. And it’s those moments, readers, that we are asking you to tell us about.

We’ve asked you to tell us your decidedly unsexy stories from your (in some cases) sexless wedding nights, and boy, did you deliver. We’ve asked you to tell us about the worst experience you ever had as wedding guest, and oof, have you guys suffered through some rough parties.

Well now, we want you to tell us about the worst awkward moment you have suffered thus far either during your engagement or actually at your wedding: Were you, too, on the receiving end of an inappropriate declaration of love as you stood in your wedding dress? Did you run into a girl you were friends with in college but with whom you fell out of touch, only for her to tell you, straight up, that she was pretty surprised and offended to not receive an invite? Did one of your bridesmaids and one of his groomsmen break up the week before the wedding and teeter on the edge of making a catastrophic scene the entire reception?

Tell us. Tell us what happened—and, how you handled it—and you just might read your story in the upcoming issue of Philadelphia Wedding. It’ll help other couples know they’re not alone in wedding awkwardness, it will help people to handle a similar situation should they ever find themselves in one, and most importantly, isn’t laughter the best medicine? (You know, if it’s not too soon?)

Email ’em to me at And don’t worry: all names withheld to protect the not-so-innocent.

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