John Legend Would Like to Sing At Your Wedding—Here’s How to Make That Happen

Plus: Watch the promotional video in which his dogs get married as he serenades them with "All of Me."

Singer, Penn grad, Oscar winner, Grammy winner and Chrissy Teigen husband John Legend established an educational non profit in 2007 called the Show Me Campaign. And thanks to his latest fundraising efforts for it, it’s actually possible to have him sing at your wedding!

To launch this dream into potential reality, go to, and enter by making a donation between $10 and $25,000 by Thursday, April 16th. (All proceeds will go to rebuilding the auditorium at Mr. Legend’s Ohio alma mater, South High School.)

And just in case you can’t visualize how glorious it would be to have him sing “All of Me” at your wedding, he and his aforementioned supermodel wife made a video starring their pups Purdy and Pippa to give you an idea:

Good luck! And obviously, if a Philly couple wins this, we’re going to need to hear about it!

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