Ask These 10 Questions Before Hiring Your Wedding Band Or DJ



We spend a lot of time over here talking about the various things you should be talking about with your various wedding vendors—much of which should happen before you sign on any dotted lines. Not only will asking the right questions help you choose the right people, but surprises and gray areas are two things you most definitely want to avoid when it comes what can be expected on your wedding day.

Now when it comes to the fine folks who will be responsible for the soundtrack of your celebration, the first thing you’ll probably do is figure out whether a band or a DJ is a better fit for your budget—and beyond any monetary factors, which would better serve the party you want to have. And then, you’ve got to start talking to people.

When you do, you’ll want to ask a lot of questions—and we thought this was a great guide to some points you should be sure not to miss. If you’re undecided about the whole band/DJ thing, getting the answers might help swing you either way—and if your sights are set, clarifying everything from how they feel about do-not-play-lists to what their back-up plan is case of an emergency will make sure you and they are ready to rock on your Big Day.

How did you decide between the two?

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