How to Prevent the Post-Wedding Blues From Creeping Up After Your Big Day



You know that (depressing) feeling that inevitably takes over when you’re forced to return to real life after a week spent on vacation? Well, a similar emotional letdown can also creep up on newlyweds once the high of wedding planning, saying I Do and honeymooning subsides—frequently referred to as the post-wedding blues.

We’ve shared a few bits and pieces here on the blog about why post-wedding depression exists and how to keep the blues at bay in an effort to prepare you should those frustrating feelings strike.

And we also just came across this NYT article, which focuses on premarital counseling as a successful tool in combating post-wedding blues before they happen. As the article suggests, counseling can help couples sort out preemptive issues while figuring out how best to communicate and handle conflict in their new lives together. Chatting about everything you’ll tackle together in the future also sets your focus on the marriage, as opposed to just the wedding.

Read all about it—and catch up on our other tips for avoiding the post-wedding blues—here.

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