VIDEO: Ed Sheeran is Quite Possibly the Most Adorable Wedding Crasher Ever

The news of a celebrity wedding crasher used to be a rare (albeit super exciting) happening for us to write about here on the blog, but nowadays it seems like a common occurrence for our favorite stars to pop up at receptions and wedding events all over the world.

Bill Murray, Serena Williams, Roger Daltrey and, more recently, Maroon 5 have all jumped on the wedding-crashing bandwagon in recent history, but perhaps the most adorable appearance we’ve seen so far is from Ed Sheeran, who just surprised an Australian couple by performing on their Big Day.


A Sydney radio station orchestrated the whole thing for the bride and groom, whose jaws literally dropped when their unexpected “wedding singer” walked into the reception to serenade them for their first dance.

And because he’s just so sweet, Ed even posed for a few photos (we love the caption on this Instagram photo he posted!) before skedaddling out the door to continue his Australian arena tour.

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