17 Money-Saving Tips to Keep Your Bridesmaids From Going Broke



You’re already well aware that the average cost of a wedding has passed the $30,000 mark—but have you considered that as that number steadily increases, so does the price of being a bridesmaid? Believe it or not, on average it costs a whopping $1,700 to stand next to the bride-to-be on her Big Day, which, we’re guessing, is quite a big investment for most of your ‘maids.

There are ways, of course, to make being a part of your bridal party a bit more budget-friendly. After all, the last thing you want is one of your best buds going broke over your wedding, which is why we’re here to dole out a few suggestions that’ll help everyone save a couple of bucks.

For your MOH, pass along this handy guide of five tips and tricks for keeping on budget while planning the bridal shower, bachelorette party and other wedding-related expenses. Staying as organized as possible and keeping in touch with the other bridesmaids are just two of the most vital points your MOH will want to keep in mind.

For the rest of your girls, do them a favor and take a look at Buzzfeed’s roundup of 12 ways to keep your bridesmaids from going broke. These tips—like offering to pay for a portion of their dresses or their day-of primping in lieu of bridesmaid gifts—are incredibly useful, and we guarantee your ‘maids (and their wallets) will appreciate the gesture.

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