Take This Quiz to Find Out Which Extravagant Wedding Location is Your Dream Venue

Boone Hall Plantation - Blake Lively got married here! - is one of the results you may get.

Boone Hall Plantation – Blake Lively got married here! – is one of the results you may get.

We love a good wedding-related quiz (who doesn’t?), and while most of the time they’re pretty silly, they can also be a useful tool for brides-to-be who have no idea where to start when choosing a dress or deciding on the kind of wedding they should have. (Even if the results are based on totally random questions, at least it gives you a place to start your research.)

Today’s quiz of choice—which determines the over-the-top wedding location that is most likely your dream venue—might not be the most realistic way to decide on a place to host your party, but it’s certainly a fun method to help pinpoint the kind of location that’ll best suit your Big Day.

My results: the OMG-worthy Oehka Castle in Long Island, New York, which, after looking at the pictures, is now being filed away in my wedding inspiration folder (Philly comparison: hmm, Fonthill Castle, maybe). Editor Carrie Denny’s results: The Inn at Perry Cabin, which is coincidentally the site of a Philadelphia Wedding gown shoot from a handful of years ago. (Potential Philly comparisons: Lake House Inn, Bonnet Island Estate, Reeds at Shelter Haven.)

Curious what your Philly comparison might be? Leave your results in the comments and we’ll take a stab at it!

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