Here’s Why Making a Wedding Album is Totally Worth It



After all the effort that goes into choosing a wedding photographer and having him/her snap the perfect assortment of pictures on the Big Day, it’s hard to believe that a couple would forgo a wedding album—which not only preserves your memories but can also be tangibly passed down for generations—in favor of a file of digital prints.

But that’s what seems to be happening more and more in the age of online photo sharing. It’s true that digital technology has had a huge influence on wedding photography, and now that brides have the satisfaction of seeing and sharing their photos online, wedding albums more often are getting put on the back burner (if created at all). We’ve talked to many ladies who have let at least one anniversary go by without putting together a wedding album, and that didn’t used to be the case.

We’re definitely all for for couples having hard copies of their wedding photos, especially when laid out into a beautiful album, and we thought this article explained so well all the reasons why doing so is a smart idea.

Whether your computer ever crashes or your grandchildren one day ask to see the pictures, our guess is you’ll be very glad you went to the extra effort to capture your memories all in a pretty book.

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