Things to Look Forward To: Study Says Sex Is Awesome After 50 Years of Marriage 

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You know how seeing a couple of grandparents who are holding hands and making googly eyes at each other and basically being so you cute you can’t even stand it inevitably makes you wonder if you and your person will still be that in love after you’ve celebrated decades of anniversaries? Well a new study suggests that not only yes, you will be—but that you’ll still be hitting it off in the bedroom, too.

Researchers who recently published their findings in The Archive of Sexual Behaviors analyzed data from over 1,600 couples aged 57-85 who had been married varying amounts of time. Some things they were not surprised to find—but some, well, let’s just say they were: They found a little spike in the sex lives of couples who had celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary—and those who had been married for 65 years were even more randy than the golden-year couples.

There seems to be a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg situation with researchers not being sure if a long marriage makes for more sex or more sex makes for a longer marriage, but either way, you gotta admit it’s nice to know there isn’t necessarily an expiration date on that honeymoon period.

Read more about their pleasantly surprising findings here.

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