Grooms Everywhere Rejoice As Best Buy Launches a Wedding Registry



As of February 16th, 2015, brides will no longer be able to say (with secret relief underneath faux outward disappointment) “But they don’t have a registry” to grooms who complain that they’d rather be registering for a gigantic flatscreen as they suffer through their third hour of wandering through aisles of multi-colored KitchenAid mixers.

Best Buy is launching a wedding registry.

Starting next week, the tables will turn, and brides will begin trailing glumly after their grooms through aisles of multi-colored electronics, muttering “Do we really need that?” as the boys gleefully zap wireless speakers and Blu-Ray players. Couples will be able to set up their registries either in-store or online, and just like at big-box stores that carry china and linens, your guests will be able to visit kiosks in their local Best Buy and print out your list before they shop. You’ll also be able to manage your wish list from the store’s mobile app. And basically the whole inventory is eligible for registry inclusion.

Plus, all-in-all, it’s a pretty good deal: for your guests, there’s a group option if a bunch of people want to go in on a biggie and they get free shipping, and you get a 10-percent-off coupon to finish off your registry in case everything’s not scooped up by your friends and family.

And while we were poking fun and generalizing—we are well aware there is many a lady out there who would be happy to receive a new TV for her wedding (I, for one, don’t think there’s any such thing as ‘too big’ when it comes to TVs)—we can’t help but imagine that this will open up a whole new landscape for those registry quibbles that you engaged couples are no doubt quite familiar with. So good luck out there! And have fun.

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