This is What Happens When You Re-Wear Your Wedding Dress on a Typical Saturday Night Out

I can only imagine that after hunting down the dress of your dreams and rocking it on the biggest day of your life, there has got to be some major sadness that comes with taking it off at the end of the night knowing that it’ll likely get packed away in a box to never be worn again. After all of the hours spent in bridal shop after bridal shop and the nice chunk of change it probably cost you, you deserve to enjoy that beautiful gown for more than just one day, right?

That’s exactly what Buzzfeed writer Loryn Brantz was thinking each time she saw her Sarah Seven gown hanging in the back of her closet. So, on a recent random Saturday night, she decided to do something about it, and she re-wore her wedding dress for a night out on the town:

Clad in both her dress and veil (she swapped her bridal shoes for a pair of black snow boots), Brantz ventured out onto the chilly NYC streets, and the reactions she got from passersby were both hilarious and slightly expected (you would do a double take, wouldn’t you?).

So just in case you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to just go ahead and put that dress on again, take a look at her entire experience here. And in case you’ve been feeling inspired to re-wear your wedding dress in a non-wedding dress-way that will draw decidedly less attention, we’ve got some tips on how to repurpose it.

Have any of you worn your dress or any part of your wedding-day ensemble again after your wedding?

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