Meet the Beese Knees: The Local Bakers Whipping Up Gourmet Ice Cream Cakes For Your Wedding

The Olde Fashioned is just one of the scrumptious cakes Beese can create.

Doesn’t the Olde Fashioned look scrumptious?!

We apologize in advance if this post ignites a serious ice cream/cake/sweets craving, but we guarantee it’ll all be worth it (plus, hey, if we’re going down, we’re taking you with us): if you are at all interested in ice cream cake—and who among us isn’t?—you’ve got to check out the amazing creations that are coming out of the kitchen of Kristina Beese (who’s also a local photographer!) and Tom Williamson over at The Beese Knees.

We could barely contain our excitement when a colleague alerted us to the gourmet ice cream cakes coming out of this new bakery (they’re barely six months old), and, naturally, our first thought was that they would make for a fantastic wedding cake alternative (and Beese tells us they did indeed just get their first request for a wedding the other day!).

Now, these aren’t your classic Carvel ice cream cakes: these guys kick the concept up a notch with super creative flavors that are both sophisticated and nostalgic. A popular choice is the Olde Fashioned, a chocolate covered pretzel-stuffed brownie base topped with layers of coffee ice cream, chocolate crunchies, bourbon ice cream and shaved dark chocolate. We’re also drooling over the Short Rosie: Balsamic roasted strawberry and vanilla rosemary ice creams sandwiched between layers of flaky shortbread. They’ll even suggest cakes from their past menus if you’re interested in a different flavor combination.

The cakes are available in nine-inch rounds—so you could order one of each and let your guests choose which they’ll have a slice of—and they also offer ice cream cupcakes. (Safe to say they just can’t be a part of your cake-table display until it’s time to cut into ’em!) They can also show up at your event with their darling little ice cream cart. To place your order or to inquire about flavors and pricing, contact them at 609-425-2709 or

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