Follow These 5 Tricks for Buying an Engagement Ring That Looks Bigger Than It Really Is



You’d be hard-pressed to find a woman in this day and age who doesn’t have multiple images of her dream engagement ring stashed away on her phone or Pinterest page. It’s no secret that lots of us do it—it must be ingrained in our DNA. (Plus we’d all like to do our part to avoid the awkwardness that comes with not liking your engagement ring.)

But while the early years of our engagement ring research (read: when you’re single and not getting proposed to anytime soon) is all in good fun, it does have a way of setting unrealistic expectations: Have you ever seen someone go on a pinning spree of modest engagement rings? We didn’t think so. It’s always the multi-carat stunners whose price tags would likely give your fiance-to-be a heart attack.

The good news, though, is that your dreams of a rocking a big engagement ring—without breaking the bank!—are closer than you think, thanks to this Who What Wear article we came across today. Believe it or not, with just a few strategic design tricks, you can make your ring look bigger than it actually is.

Going for a ring with a halo is the most obvious move, but things like choosing a setting with slender prongs and a band in a white metal, as opposed to yellow, will make a huge difference, too. Check out all of the tips here, and do feel free to share them with your significant other too.

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