Photo: Nick Offerman Sent Back a Delightful RSVP to This Couple’s Wedding

Assuming you are just as big a fan of Ron Swanson (and the real human who plays him on Parks & Rec, Nick Offerman) as we are here at PW, we are quite confident you will get a tickle out of this hand-written response he sent back to a couple who invited him to their wedding recently. (Please note and enjoy that said couple used the hilarious RSVP card format we’ve shared with you before:

Mr. Offerman regretfully declines.

Mr. Offerman regretfully declines. Photo via Imgur.

The engaged fan who received his response posted it on Reddit, and, as you can see, ended up with a pretty awesome token to add to her box of memories from her wedding. So invite those celebs! You never know what you might end up with.

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