Here’s Why You Should Maybe Think Twice Before Involving Animals in Your Wedding Photos

This morning we came across a headline about a South Carolina bride who got thrown off a horse while posing for her wedding photos, and while I cringed at the thought of such a thing happening, I wasn’t at all surprised.

After all, what can you expect when you hop on the back of a random, unprepared horse that happens to stroll through your photo shoot? And why would you take that risk on perhaps the biggest day of your life when you’re already dolled up and wearing your dress?

Take a look for yourself:

Sure, there are times where horses make for fantastic props, but please brides, be careful! Better to have this sort of thing planned out, in the proper environment and with people around who know how to handle the horse. Or, you know, maybe just think twice before inviting any animals (other than your well-behaved pooches, of course) to join your wedding party.

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