New Study Says That Same-Sex Couples Have a Lower Rate of Divorce



As more and more states are moving to legalize same-sex marriage (35!), it’s only fitting that we’d start to see some number-crunching when it comes to stats and figures about these newly sanctioned unions. And today, we’ve got some rather complimentary math from The Williams Institute.

Researchers discovered two main findings when pouring over data from legalized states:

  • Overall, same-sex couples get divorced less often than heterosexual couples. The average divorce rate of same-sex couples was found to be 1.1 percent—vs. 2 percent.
  • Females account for 51 percent of same-sex marriages—though if you take into consideration any legally recognized union like civil unions and domestic partnerships, that number jumps to 64. Ladies commit!

The article also references what researchers call the Windsor Effect, wherein same-sex couples in all the legalized states—including in states where same-sex marriage had become old news, such as in Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont—got married in droves after the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in the ruling of Windsor vs. US. The decision pumped people up to tie the knot, and a lot of the numbers we see today are result of of that wave.

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