Planning to Wear a Short Wedding Dress? You Are Not Alone



The AP reports today about something we here at PW have been noticing for quite a while now, too: More and more brides are going short!

Specifically, we mean, with their hemlines. As the article mentions, we used to most frequently see shorter lengths dresses on ladies who were tying the knot for the second time—but these days, that is not the case at all. Brides of all ages and with all kinds of styles are opting for non-floor-length gowns, and we think it’s awesome.

The most important part about the dress a bride wears on her wedding day is that it totally reflects her, her personality and her style—and that she feels as beautiful as she’s ever felt in it. Well, for some girls, that just isn’t going to be a ball gown or slinky sheath with dramatic swaths of fabric that glide along the ground. It’s going to be a pretty and prim teal-length frock or a fun and sexy mini—and now that the idea of a bride wearing a shorter gown isn’t as pearl-clutching a thing as it once was, it offers these ladies the flexibility and freedom to express themselves as they see fit on their wedding day with a little more ease—and options!

We’ve been pretty in love with the short wedding dresses we’ve seen lately, whether the bride is wearing it as her one-and-only main dress or changing into it at her reception for easier dancing. So stay tuned: Seems like a roundup of our faves just might be called for in the very near future.

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