This Dude Wore a Heart Monitor While Proposing and Made a Graph With the Results 

One guy's heart rate while proposing, via Reddit. Click to make it bigger.

One guy’s heart rate while proposing, via Reddit. Click to make it bigger.

You know that feeling when you’re doing something—or, perhaps more accurately, about to do something—that’s exciting and/or scary and/or really big? And you’re sweating and things feel kinda blurry, almost like you’re floating above your body, and your heart is beating out of your chest?

Well one enterprising young gentleman decided to capture at least the wild-heart-beat portion of the program when he set out to propose to his girlfriend on a trip to Rome. As he explains on his Reddit post, he simply wore the monitor during the outing in which he popped the question, exported the data, and created this graph.

As you can see, the highest anxiety—as I think most of us might relate to—actually comes before the big event. And then, as soon as it’s over, it dips immediately back down. (Love that he “found a bench” in the aftermath.)

That about sum it up, proposers?

{h/t: HuffPo}

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