These Brides Recounting What Made Them Cry On Their Wedding Days Will Make You Cry



Whether I am a bridesmaid or a guest, the part of a wedding that always makes me cry is when the bride (and her father or her parents or whoever) walks down the aisle. This happens even if I don’t know the bride particularly well, and if I do, well—oof. When one of my best friends got married last month, she stuck her tongue out at me as she passed by and everybody else laughed (and obviously, she was doing fine), but I was too beside myself to even do it back, which was a damn shame.

The vows, though? The vows don’t usually get me, which is weird, I feel like, because that’s the meat of the ceremony, of the wedding, of the marriage. But “Oh well,” say my tears, “We are exhausted and will not be coming out at this time.”

Everybody gets gotten by something different during emotional events, and that’s why we loved this slideshow of recent brides (and one groom!) talking about what made them lose it on their wedding day, along with an accompanying photo of that moment. I had all the tears by the end (the shot of the parents seeing her for the first time, I can’t), and see? I don’t even know these people.

It’s sweet. What do you predict will get the tears going on your Big Day? What usually gets you at friends’ weddings? 

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