Bridal Fitness: Here’s a 30-Minute Calorie-Blasting Workout You Can Do at Home



I literally just looked at the clock, looked at my weekly planner, sat here for a second thinking about it, and then canceled two of my workout classes for this week. Between work deadlines, a shorter work week, a million and a half errands to run before Thanksgiving and a bajillion other things, I decided that I just couldn’t do my working out this week on a set schedule. It’s just too much.

And then I saw this!

Thanks to our buds at Be Well Philly—and their local trainer friends—I am now armed with a 30-minute workout that I can do at home any time that I can slot it in during the crazy days of this crazy week. (It’s even got a modification for us apartment-dwellers with no stairs to use as equipment!)

It consists of a circuit of moves that’ll burn a ton of calories—which, as they so nicely point out, comes in extra handy this week. And for you brides with an even crazier to-do list/schedule/agenda than the rest of the world, we thought this might come in handy for you any time, anyway.

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