You Can Expect Your Mom to React In At Least One of These Ways When You Go Shopping for Your Wedding Dress



The thing that always gets my mom about Say Yes to the Dress isn’t when the brides are bratty or the consultants are eccentric or the dresses are astronomically expensive. It’s the moms.

Whenever she’s on a SYTTD bender, I can hear her from the kitchen reminding one mom (yes, out loud—she gets it from her father; I come from a long line of TV-talkers) that it’s not her dress, asking another one if she really cannot see how much her daughter loves that one, and just generally exclaiming that she cannot fathom how these mothers could possibly think that their opinions should trump their daughters’ when it comes to the dress these ladies will wear to walk down the aisle.

But moms have all kinds of reactions when their daughters are giving potential wedding dresses a twirl (we the rest of us think they’re the reactions they should be having or not)—and this rather hysterical post depicting 11 different reactions your mom might have during the process of shopping for your dress does a pretty fab job at nailing them.

If you’ve already gone shopping for your dress, we’re extra sure you’ll see what we mean. And if you haven’t, well, may we wish you the Oprah moment with your mom.

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