Starbucks Bans Employees from Wearing Engagement or Wedding Rings With Stones; Baristas With Bling Not Happy 

Going forward, all baristas will be ringless in Starbucks across the country/Shutterstock


Bit of sad news for any newly engaged Starbucks baristas out there: You’re going to have to drop that new bling somewhere safe before heading into work, because your shiny diamonds are no longer welcome behind the counter as you whip up customers’ half-caf-mocha-skim-lattes-with-extra-foam.

Now that the Seattle coffee giant has announced plans to double its food service in the next five years, the company has gone and updated their dress code policies, they say, to meet federal food safety guidelines. (In fact, here’s the handy little infographic they’ve got that explains it all. Also: no manicures. Oof. Second blow for newly engaged ladies.) Plain rings are fine—so, most men wearing wedding bands and ladies with plain metal bands will all be cool—but rings with stones in them (i.e. engagement rings and sparkly wedding bands) are not.

As you might imagine, not everyone likes this. Many feel it unfairly targets women and that it is a bit contradictory to the part of the same policy that also loosens the restrictions on baristas having tattoos. (Here are a few Tweets to this effect.)

Well, it would certainly be a bummer to not be allowed to keep your new engagement ring on you at all times, but look at it this way: Whether just your engagement ring or your blingy wedding band, too, has just gotten the boot, looks like you’re going to need to go shopping for a new work-approved ring.

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