5 Favorite Things With Bridal Hairstylist Claudia Seyler

Hairstylist and makeup artist Claudia Seyler

Hairstylist and makeup artist Claudia Seyler

Chances are that if you’ve asked your married friends and family who beautified them for their weddings in an attempt to find a rec for your own Big Day, that at least one of them answered with “Claudia Seyler.”

The Argentine beauty has been a hairstylist (and makeup artist!) for print, film and video for nearly 20 years in both Philadelphia and New York, and has been working with brides for the past 10 years. (We swear she has a wedding every weekend.)

It’s safe to say that if she’s got advice when it comes to wedding-day hair, that we should all listen, so we checked in with her to see what a few of her favorite things are right now.

Favorite universally flattering way for a bride to wear her hair on her wedding day For me, that is a low chignon—and my favorite is when the bun is slightly messy. I’m a romantic at heart and I love classic looks that are timeless. I appreciate trends, but they come and go, and a low chignon is like your little black dress that’s hanging in your closet. Everyone can wear it—even if you think you can’t because of your face shape, don’t be fooled! It just takes the right stylist to create one that will work for you—it’s all about the size.

Favorite place to get inspiration for different hair styles My most favorite place to get inspiration for hairstyles is a combination of classic films and the amazing work of minimalistic fashion photographers. When it comes to my brides, though, I get inspired by their story—by their choices for their wedding days, their venue, their dress, by their facial features. It all plays a part in the creation of her style.

Favorite beauty store to stock up on goodies for herself and her clients I’m a bit of an all-over shopper when it comes to makeup, but because I work in different mediums I can get most of what I need at MAC.

Favorite magical product that holds a brides hairstyle from in the morning when she’s getting ready to dancing at her reception I actually have three favorite things for holding hair in place: Sebastian hairspray or L’Oreal Elnett Super Hold; hairpins—the open ones that pin in fly aways and stay hidden; and TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick for Cool People.

Favorite part about hanging with the bride and all her female friends and family the morning of the wedding I love the opportunity I get to make a difference in her day separate from helping her feel beautiful, from helping out with music, pouring champagne, steaming a dress, to wiping away tears and laughing with her.

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