Awesome Marriage Advice: From the Adorable Couple Who Has Been Married 72 Years—and the Couple Who Lives In Different Cities

Courtesy of the Roberts family.

Courtesy of the Roberts family.

In case you haven’t seen it, the November issue of Philly mag (you know, PW’s older brother) was called The Conversation Issue, and in it, well—you know what? I’ll just borrow the blurb from our cover:

  • We asked the 50 most intriguing people in Philly to open up to each other about food, love, sex, politics, music, TV, sports, gossip, friendship, and the future of Philadelphia. Then we eavesdropped …

And guess what? There are two really awesome pieces in there that offer some seriously good marriage advice for all of you about to walk down the aisle.

For this issue, our friend Emily Goulet, who some of you might remember from her days as PW’s Diary of a Marriage columnist, sat down with two well-known Philadelphia couples, Ralph and Suzanne Roberts, and Ali Velshi and Lori Wachs, to chat about marriage—and specifically, what makes theirs work (which, for the Roberts, has worked for 72 years, and for the Velshis, even while he lives his weeks in New York, returning to the couple’s Bryn Mawr home on the weekends).

Both are great reads. The Roberts are just so inspirational—who doesn’t want their marriage to last 72 years?—and the Velshis just might give any of you doing the long distance thing with your partner some really great tips for how to stay connected and make the time you do have together count extra when you’re living apart. Read ’em both here:

On Marriage: Ralph & Susanne Roberts 

On Marriage: Ali Velshi & Lori Wachs 

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