10 Wedding Photographer Pet Peeves You Should Know About



Here’s the thing: wedding vendors very often have super helpful advice and/or tips and/or do’s and don’t’s that would extremely useful for their couples to know—but a lot of this stuff is some seriously blunt real talk, and by the time they are your hired person, they’re probably not going to break it down for you in the same way that they can when they are just speaking in the general sense. Except that seriously blunt break down is what can be most helpful to hear.

That’s why we enjoy pieces like the one Philly wedding photog Mike Allebach (who has delivered fab advice before!) just pointed us towards on the Offbeat Bride: It’s his breakdown of ten major wedding photog pet peeves that couples would do well to keep in mind throughout the planning process (and wedding day!) when working with their photographer. From bossy guests and misbehaving groomsman to the assumption that Photoshop is some sort of magical fairy dust-powered wand instead of a limited tool operated by lowly humans, they’re all good things to keep in mind as you work with this person to capture the memories of this moment that will quite literally last a lifetime.

And maybe scan the things below, while you’re at it. (And get more expert advice, here.)

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