Bridal Fitness: Science Says That Listening to These 10 Songs Results In a More Effective Workout



I think we can probably all agree that, whether the song comes on through our headphones while working out solo or in a group fitness class in a studio, there are a few that just really get you moving, pumping, running, or whatever.

Well now, we have at our disposal a specific playlist that is scientifically proven to do just that, thanks to our buds at Be Well Philly.

They’ve pointed us towards this list of ten songs recommended by a doctor for really amping up your (pre-wedding) workout. Apparently, the goal should be to choose songs that reach the same BPM as your target heart rate—and that have a positive or motivational message, of course. Exercise with the right playlist, and you could up your workout’s intensity by up to 15 percent.

Go here for the full list—and to stream it on Spotify!—of songs you should be rocking out to while you sweat for the dress.

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