Watch This Video of People At a Wedding Chugging From a Bottle of Fireball That Has a GoPro Camera Strapped To It 

My general thought process as I watched the below video today: 1) Fireball is so gross/what is the obsession these days with Fireball? 2) This constant sipping/tipping is making me a little motion-sick. 3) Whoa that guy’s been back quite a few times. 4) Omg that guy is holding a baby. 5) Omg that’s the bride. 6) Omg these people are all going to be SO. SICK. (From germs, not from alcohol.) 7) Wow, I’m old. I can’t believe I just thought that.

Someone—an enterprising young genius, as Gawker says, and we might have to agree—strapped a GoPro camera to a handle of Fireball, and then passed it around to basically everybody at the wedding you will see below, from groomsmen to more aged guests (some even holding babies) to the bride herself. (Though the groom rejects the bottle, which was somewhat shocking.) And it makes for quite a few entertaining—if not motion-sickness-inducing—minutes of video.


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