Step Away From the Swiffer Because a Dirty House Can Actually Be Good For Your Marriage



In the past, we’ve talked about quite a few studies that show how the division of household chores can influence the quality of a marriage. Research has shown that when chores aren’t equally divided among newlyweds the wife will be unhappy while the husband is unaffected, and that divorce rates are higher in households where men share an equal amount of the chores.

If all of those statistics have you questioning your household to-do’s for the week, HuffPo may just inspire you to ditch the Swiffer altogether with their argument for why a dirty house can actually be good for your marriage. Things like having more time and energy to spend on one another, avoiding resentment and being able to have messy kitchen sex are just a couple of the reasons on this witty yet truthful list.

Okay, so there may not be any actual data to back up their claims, but we think their reasoning is a good enough excuse to put off those chores for one more day, don’t you think?

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