Survey Says: Half of Women Have a Backup Dude in Mind If Their Current Husband Doesn’t Work Out 



We’ve pretty much all heard about—or, er, been—the girls who, like Rachel and Phoebe, have arranged with some sort of male friend or another that if they reach {whatever} age and have not yet found the One and gotten married, that they will marry each other.

Well, a new survey sheds light on the fact that the concept of the “backup husband” is still alive and well—but this time, it’s apparently even true for women who are already in a relationship—and especially true for those who are already married.

Survey and research company OnePoll recently conducted a survey of 1,000 women in which they found out some completely hilarious/sad things, depending on how you look at it:

  • Half of the women said they had a backup person “on call” should their current relationship not pan out. This was even more true for married women, who were even more likely to have a lurking Plan B than women who were just in a relationship.
  • One in 10 ladies said that this Plan B was someone who had already professed love, and was, in theory, still pining.
  • One in five said they were quite sure that Mr. Plan B would totally “drop everything” and come running, should she summon him.
  • Around half said that this backup person came into their life since they’ve been with their current partner; the other said he was around before their current love.
  • One in four women who had a backup said that their feelings for this backup human were as strong as they are for their partner. (What?)
  • 12 percent of these ladies said that their feelings for their backup were stronger than for their partner. (WHAT?)
  • Seven in 10 said they are currently in contact with their Plan B.
  • Half of these women said that their current husband or partner is aware of said backup’s existence. One in five of those said that they can joke about this with their person; one in three said that referencing their little arrangement was “uncomfortable.” (SHOCKER.)
  • One in four ladies said that their husband had met their Plan B, and actually, one in five said you know what, actually, he’s one of his friends!

So, um, there you have it. Do with this what you will (and by that, I mean show it to your fiancé while delivering a knowing wink and uttering a mischievous cackle under your breath), but please, maybe just focus on your actual person for now/forever? Thank you.

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