This Guy Wins: Groom Spends 18 Months Panning for Gold to Make Fiance’s Engagement Ring, Both Their Wedding Bands 



It’s not often that when someone uses the term “labor of love,” they are talking about such extreme and extended actual physical labor, but in this case, I think the term literally applies.

John Greenwood, a groom in the UK, decided that it would be really lovely if he actually personally procured the gold that would be used to make an engagement ring for his now-wife, and so he went into the Scottish mountains, and panned for it—like, with a pan, shovel, towel and rake—and did just that. Oh, and he did it for so long—18 months, to be exact—that he ended up with enough flakes, nuggets, chunks and specks to create gold wedding bands for the two of them, too.

(It is also worth noting that this gold that he literally dug up from the earth is 22-carat, which is crazy pure and rare and awesome—I mean, 24 is as high as it goes—and that a jeweler barely charged him to whip up the rings, so in the end, this was actually quite an economical move, too.)

Um. He really loves her. Like maybe more than anyone loves anyone.

There are a whola lotta pictures over at the Daily Mail that are quite worth the look. What we maybe don’t recommend looking at just at the moment is your, um, not-mined-by-hand-over-the-course-of-a-year-and-a-half-by-your-beloved-fiance engagement ring.

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