Here’s What It Would Cost to Get Married At the Craziest Wedding Venues Around the World: An Infographic 

Quick, guess: Which of these three wedding venues do you think would be the most expensive—the Eiffel Tower; the Great Wall of China; the New York Public Library.

Well, behold—because we’re guessing you are as wrong as we were:


Infographic courtesy Wedding Paper Divas

This fun little graphic comes to us courtesy of Wedding Paper Divas, and we have to say, it is very interesting. Of course, for some of these, the price is for an elopement with just the two of you, and with some, it’s for the whole shebang—but it’s kind of crazy to think of some of these spots as a backdrop for a wedding. (Prediction: If your groom sees this, that a pitch to elope at Stonehenge is headed your way.)

Fun! So who’s going to get hitched at the Pyramids, now?

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