10 Things It Is Super Helpful for Your Wedding Photographer to Know 



We always enjoy a little wedding vendor real talk around here. Most of the time, the blunt delivery is pretty funny (you know, because what they’re saying is true), and we really do think it’s a very real help for wedding-planning couples to hear the things these experts have to say.

That’s why, when we read this post about all those little details that are worth telling your photographer (what the current family drama might be, about those wedding details you really  slaved over, if you are planning any surprises that day)—even if they don’t seem to you to be directly related to your wedding photography—we knew we had to share it.

Take a look, and maybe jot up a few thoughts for your next meeting with your photographer. They’ll be grateful for all the info—and when you get your wedding pictures back, you will most definitely be glad you shared it.

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