5 Favorite Things With Eventions Productions’ Brian Toner

Brian Toner of Eventions Productions

Brian Toner of Eventions Productions

As anyone who is currently planning a wedding knows by now, the overall look of a reception doesn’t just come down to the aesthetics of the room itself, plus the tablecloths and centerpieces. Matter of a fact, lighting might actually play the biggest role in all of event decor, and to get the right look, you need the right vendor.

Aston-based Eventions Productions has not only been hooking up the gorgeous lighting design of events in the Philly area for over 20 years, they also provide full sound and audio support, video and media projection, and power generation and staging. (Truth: If you find yourself at a fantastic wedding under a tricked-out tent, chances are high that Eventions is there.)

Brian Toner is the president of EP, and since it’s safe to say he’s seen a lot, we checked in with him to see what he’s into right now when it comes to the technical aspects of a wedding-day celebration.

Favorite lighting scheme for a wedding right now My current favorite look for a wedding lighting design is a soft, romantic candlelit look. It actually takes a lot of work and design to properly light a room with a kind of dark, romantic candlelit look, and I love the challenge it presents.

Favorite environment for an outdoor tented wedding My favorite spaces for outdoor tented weddings are in unexpected places. We’ve done tented weddings on the top of the Art Museum steps, on the roof of the Free Library and even a series of massive tents built on a barge that was floating on a lake. The beauty of tented weddings isn’t just inside the tent, it’s the surroundings as well.

Favorite audio/video extra touch that a couple can do for a wedding  We love to use “invisible” sound systems for weddings and events, which means hiding the speakers and technical equipment for the band/DJ/ceremony so that all you see is the clean look of the performers on stage, and none of the “mechanics.”

Favorite place to find inspiration for cool event ideas I look for inspiration for our events in areas and publications that are not event-specific: Architecture, exotic travel locations and resorts, luxury car-, plane- and yacht-design can all provide inspiration. There are also some great designers I follow from Europe and the Middle East that are pushing the boundaries of tech and event design.

Favorite part of the process of working with a couple on their wedding I love standing in the room as the bride and groom and their guests first walk so that I can hear their initial comments on the beauty of the space. It makes all of the hard work worth it!

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