Have a Good Laugh Over These 25 Absurd Wedding Pictures from Awkward Family Photos 



I have an uncle who is a priest, and a few years ago, after marrying my cousin and her brand new husband, instead of wrapping up the traditional Catholic Mass with the proper closing of “This Mass is ended. Let us go in peace,” he enthusiastically bellowed: “This marriage is ended! Let us go in peace.”

He realized his mistake and mostly held it together as he backtracked and un-cursed their four minute-old union—though all of us sitting in the pews did not—but as soon as they turned around to walk back up the aisle as husband and wife, he lost it. My mother captured the most perfect image from that moment; from that day: my cousin and her new husband walking arm in arm, her with a pursed-lip “Awesome. Thanks, Uncle John!” grin on her face, and the groom with a plastered-on beam relaying that although what just happened was funny, he couldn’t tell by his bride’s reaction if he was allowed to laugh. Uncle John is out of focus and in the background, literally doubled over at the waist with laughter, hand clamped over his mouth.

That’s the first thing I thought of as I scrolled through this first batch of photos, below—because isn’t it those moments, along with the seemingly picture-perfect ones, that together make up the day?

It’s probably safe to assume that a lot of you have chuckled through the fantastic website Awkward Family Photos—and although I include myself in that, I can’t say that I’ve ever really seen wedding shots on there! Guess I wasn’t looking hard enough, because the roundups below are pretty amazing.

Please enjoy these awkward wedding faux pas and awkward bridesmaids. And may you never find yourself in any of them.

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