Video: It’s Worth Getting Frozen’s “Let It Go” Stuck In Your Head to Enjoy This Best Man’s Sung Wedding Toast 

Listen, I was hesitant to watch this, too, since I feel like I just cleared this damn song (which, I mean, I happen to actually enjoy—it’s a pretty stinking cute movie) out of my head … But I was curious.

A best man named Joey Boyes at a recent English wedding decided, for reasons unknown, to set his best man speech to the tune of Frozen‘s “Let It Go,” which he managed to do while still hitting all of the required best man-speech points: how much he loves the groom, how fab the couple is together, he references the groom’s late father, and tells a few funny stories.

We’re impressed. And okay with humming this for the rest of today. If you want to get something else stuck in your head, watch this.

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