Fingers Crossed That We’ll See Pictures from George Clooney’s Upcoming Wedding in Vogue One Day 



Over the summer, details have continued to leak out and rumors have continued to swirl about the upcoming Italian nuptials of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin (I’m still sad they’re not tying the knot at Downton Abbey), and the newest one, well, we very much hope is true: Word on the street—or least in the New York Post—is that not only will Anna Wintour attend the blessed event, but that it will be covered in the pages of Vogue.

Mr. Clooney is notoriously anti-paparazzi, so you can bet there will be nary a blurry helicopter-obtained photo to be had of their celebration, and because of that, I had long ago accepted that we probably wouldn’t ever see this beautiful lady’s undoubtedly beautiful dress (which is reportedly being designed by Oscar de la Renta, who is perfect).

But now, hope! If the wedding really is featured in Vogue, we will get everything we want and more—dress, veil, flowers, bling, George; the works. And it will be gorg.

Let’s all stay tuned.

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