Watch: The Latest Viral Wedding Video Is By Philly Wedding Videographers BE Films 

Sebastian escorts Jennifer down the aisle.

Sebastian escorts Jennifer down the aisle.

In the past week or two, a story about Sebastian the Ibis, the mascot for the Miami Hurricanes, walking a Florida bride down the aisle at her wedding in place of her recently deceased father has been making the wedding Interwebs rounds:, HuffPost Weddings, NY Daily News, ESPNGo, and CBSSports all covered the sweet moment.

At the center of all this coverage is the couple’s wedding video, which shows the sweet moment when the long-legged wading bird joins Jennifer at the top of the aisle (skip to 10:50 to see it and weep; Sebastian is wearing a Big Walt jersey in reference to Jennifer’s late father), and escorts her the rest of the way towards Patrick, her groom.

Well, as it turns out, that wedding video was shot by none other than Philly’s own BE Films Wedding Cinema—and not only that, but remember back in March when that plane headed for Ft. Lauderdale skidded off the runway at PHL? (If not, perhaps this selfie-with-busted-plane-in-background seen ’round the world will jog your memory.) Owners and cinematographers Anthony and Colleen Bezich were on that plane—on the way to Jennifer and Patrick’s celebration—and managed to successfully film the wedding, despite being rather shaken up and suffering a busted piece of gear in the crash. (Jennifer is originally from Princeton and hired the Beziches after seeing their video of a friend’s wedding on Facebook.)

It’s a really lovely story, and we love seeing a fab Philly vendor in the national spotlight! Take a look below—but remember our tearjerker warning above.

Jennifer and Patrick’s Miami Wedding Film | Westin Colonade, Coral Gables Florida from Be Films on Vimeo.

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