Here’s A Few Expert Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding-Day Perfume



While it’s likely that the to-do list for your Big Day is quite lengthy, we’ll venture to guess that choosing your wedding-day perfume is not noted among your priorities (if on your list at all). Sure, it may seem like a trivial task in the grand scheme of things, but since memory is so closely linked to our sense of smell, the fragrance that you choose for this occasion can have more power than you think.

From our experience, there seems to be two schools of thought when it comes to wedding-day fragrances. One is that you wear a perfume that’s already significant to you—whether it be your signature scent or one that your hubby-to-be gave you—and the other is that you choose a fragrance that you’ve never worn before so that the scent will be a constant—and very specific—reminder of your wedding day.

If you haven’t yet considered the magnitude of your wedding-day perfume choice, you can learn a lesson or two from five perfumers who put a lot of thought into their wedding scents. Yes, some of them went above and beyond (we don’t expect you to concoct and bottle your own fragrance), but you’d be wise to heed their advice—such as where and how to spray your perfume so that it’s the most lovely and the least overpowering.

We’d love to hear what perfume you’ll be wearing on your Big Day. Will you go for a tried-and-true favorite or mix it up with something new?

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