Here’s A Helpful Guide To Navigating The Mixed-Gender Bridal Party



If there’s one thing we’ve learned about modern-day weddings, it’s that there really are no rules when it comes to making the day uniquely yours. Sure, many couples still take the conventional route, but we’re seeing more and more of them throw tradition out the window in favor of whatever feels right for them.

As is the case with mixed-gender bridal parties, where the bride and groom choose to have members of the opposite sex as attendants on their respective sides. Bridesmen and groomsmaids are the terms we’ve seen used most frequently, and honestly, we’re not all too surprised that more couples are going in this direction. After all, your attendants are supposed to be your nearest and dearest, so if your best friend is a dude and you want him to be your man of honor, why not go for it!

As you can imagine, choosing to sway from bridal party traditions can mess with some of the otherwise clear-cut logistics of your Big Day. Factors like what everyone should wear, the order of the processional, and who should attend which pre-wedding events (will your man of honor be invited to the bachelorette party?) are all questions that come along with having a mix of guys and girls on both sides of the aisle.

To answer all of the queries we had about pulling off a mixed-gender bridal party, we turned to this handy list of tips from They cover everything from attire to gifts, with suggestions about how to accommodate attendants of the opposite sex. If you’re planning a mixed party for your wedding, we suggest you check out their advice.

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