Mistakenly Sent Text Results In Amazing Wedding Photo & Best New Hashtag Ever 

We have been laughing at this all day.

A bride named Kristen in London sent a group text out to a bunch of friends concerning her wedding BBQ and photo op—except she got a wrong number in there.

She tried to rescind the invitation, once she realized what she had done—but as you can see, the mistaken invitee declared, “We still coming.”

They seriously did still come, the whole group snapped the above photo together, and a frigging fantastic new hashtag (#WeStillComing) was born.

Now that looks like a group we’d like to a party at a wedding with.

{Update: There is some talk on the web that this is fake or a hoax or not what it seems or what have you—but we’re just going to go on pretending that this is the most fun wedding crashing to ever happen, so feel free to do the same.}

{Update: Ah, so here is what happened. Happily, still an awesome story!}

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