Picture of the Week: The Story of the Valiant Groom

Photo by Joe Dantone

Photo by Joe Dantone

From photographer Joe Dantone:

Colin and Suzanne had a pretty large bridal party, and they had a trolley take us around the city for portraits prior to the reception. The one stop was right there on Broad Street and there was only enough space to do the pictures with the bride and groom.

It was probably the hottest day of the summer, and there was no breeze at all from what I remember—but once I had set up the shot, a really strong gust of wind came along and took Suzanne’s veil right off her head! As she was about to grab it, it took off flying down Broad Street, and Collin, without thinking, turned around and started running after the veil head-on into traffic while I snapped away.

Eventually the veil went so high it wrapped around the flagpole about four stories up on one of the buildings. They were so awesome about it—we stood there for minutes just laughing, until another gust of wind brought it right back down into the best man’s arms.

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