Give This Handy Cheat Sheet of Her Duties to Your Maid of Honor 

The good thing about whoever you choose as your maid of honor is that even without any official instruction or a fun little checklist like the one below, chances are, she is someone who would do most of the things a maid of honor is “supposed” to do just by instinct, because she’s your BFF. She’d kick off the planning for the various festivities and help you with whatever was overflowing from your to-do list and tend to you on your wedding day to make sure you were without a single worry, and everything else in between.

And while the extremely valuable “in between” stuff (talking you off a ledge when you and your mother are at each other’s throats over the centerpieces, etc., etc.) might not be included on here, we thought this was a handy little cheat sheet you both would appreciate. Take a look.


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