8 Helpful Tips for Working With Your Tailor to Alter Your Wedding Dress 



We have heard so many nightmare stories about wedding-dress alterations here at PW—but thankfully, we’d have to say that the wedding-dress-tailor-to-the-rescue stories probably outweigh the scary ones. Anyone who has had just the right change made to a dress—or seen a few miracles unfold on shows like Say Yes to the Dress—know what these talented people can pull off, and that they seriously can save the day.

But working with your tailor or seamstress effectively to alter your wedding dress—whether it’s just bringing up the hem so you don’t trip down the aisle or basically redesigning the dress—relies, just like any other wedding vendor, both on communicating exactly what it is you want and making sure that this person is the right person to do it.

This post on WeddingPartyApp offers some seriously great advice on both fronts. Take heed of these tips, and the chances of this process being as stress-free as possible—which, we realize, can be tough when we’re talking about someone taking a pair of sharp shears to your beloved layers of tulle—go up by a million.

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